Lexington Kentucky 2023 !

Saturday, 3 rd of june 2023 DE 20:00 A 05:30 UTC+02

Mind Body Studio


  • Mind Body Studio COVID Policy: Everyone who attends classes or events at Mind Body Studio should be vaccinated.
  • Masks are optional based on personal preference and risk-assessment.
  • If you have been exposed to Covid or are symptomatic please stay home and follow the most recent CDC guidelines regarding isolation and mask wearing.

Finally, Tate and Karen will return to Lexington!

Saturday June 3rd at Mind Body Studio
Link to register: https://forms.gle/V3X1B836ccpJF89p8

Workshop #1, 2:00pm-3:30pm
“Turn it Up! Circular Movements and Musicality”

Workshop #2, 3:45pm-5:15pm
“Go with the Flow! Creative Movements for Crowded Dance Floors”

Milonga ***with Performance*** – 8:30pm-11:30pm

EARLY BIRD PRICING (register by April 1st)!
$40/both workshops

$50/both workshops

Tate Di Chiazza is an international artist visiting from Buenos Aires. Since his teens he has studied with masters, worked teaching and performing Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires, including long running classes at the most popular tango club “La Viruta”. Tate has and continues to travel extensively, around the world with Tango, both as an instructor and performer. Most notably, he toured with the famous show “Tanguera” from 2002-2009. He also plays the very challenging instrument unique to Argentina Tango – the bandoneon. Learn more about Tate at: www.tatetango.com

Karen Jaffe lives near Asheville, NC. In her 25+ years of Tango she has supported dancers through offering weekly classes, social dances, has organized dozens of events and has traveled extensively to continue her own education and to teach. She has had the privilege to partner with many great dancers and has performed in a wide array of stages; from the street to grand theaters with the symphony! Her reputation in both the SE region and wider Argentine Tango community is that of a skilled and engaging partner and teacher with well refined technique. Learn more about Karen at: www.tangogypsies.com

Together, they have over 50 years’ experience dancing, teaching and performing Argentine Tango!

In their own words:

“Our teaching philosophy is based on the ideal of the dancers being independent, yet connected and co-creative. We support active following, freeing the follower to interpret the music through her body, at times independent from leader. We prioritize comfort, connection and clarity. Within a solid base of structure, technique and timing, the energy flows freely through the couple. This philosophy is further supported by the concept of tension and release, allowing the dance to come from a very quiet place yet explode at moments, always returning to an attentive, subtle baseline.

Ours is a more modern, complex and evolving style, but has its roots in a deeply traditional form. Leaders and followers have distinct roles; yet share many aspects of fundamental technique. They collaborate and negotiate, moment to moment, reading each other, redirecting the flow of energy between them, understanding the perfectly imperfect nature of the dance.