Help Fund my US Tour!

Friends, it’s been nearly 3 years since my last US tour, and I miss you all so much. The pandemic put so many plans and lives on hold, and now that we can begin traveling again, I am setting my intentions to make my next US tour a reality – can you help me?

I began fundraising for my US visit at the end of 2019 on GoFundMe, and with your help we raised $2230! I am so grateful for your assistance, and because of you I am closer to my goal of raising $5000 to cover all of the expenses for the visa and for the legal fees (yes, it is really *that* expensive!). If you are able to help, please donate directly to my PayPal account here:

Thank you all so much for your help, and looking forward to a big embrace soon!

Out of the country until November

I am very happy to announce that after of 2 years of pandemic and before returning to my tour to the US in December I will be out of the country for some weeks,some vacations are needed after the stressful time that the entire world experienced since 2020.

I will continue with my work in Argentina at my Tango School situated in Carpintería San Luis at my return.

Thanks fro your patience.


Tate Di Chiazza

COVID Update – US Tour Postponed

Hi everyone.

With the idea of ​​keeping Corona Virus with the least circulation on the planet possible, we have decided with my coworker Karen Jaffe to cancel all the events, shows, workshops and milongas that we had scheduled until further notice.

It is important to understand that we will win this war if we all unite and commit ourselves to society.

This is not just about taking care of ourselves, but also taking care of our neighbor.

I hope to see you soon.

From my beloved land I wish you much health, commitment and patience.

I hug you from the south.

-Tate Di Chiazza

Organizers, dancers, communities, and much loved friends;

Tate and I are deeply disappointed. The situation with the Coronavirus has escalated to the point that we feel it is the prudent and responsible choice to cancel the remaining plans for this Winter leg of our tour.

It IS THE WAY to curb the spread of this virus, and to keep our community members and the public, and well as our friends and families safer during this crisis.

With the hope to lessen the financial impact of this loss for Tate, we are re-promoting our gofundme campaign.

Please feel free to promote the go fund me page along with our cancellation.

Here is the link to the Go Fund Me;

Please everyone get comfortable, stay safe, be well, and ride out this crisis in optimal health.

Keeping all of you in our hearts.

Here is the list of links to events cancelled. Please forward and share on all your platforms….. Thank you.


March 13-18 Jacksonville, FL

March 13 Taste of Argentina and INTRO class

March 14 St Augustine- “Milonga Magic” and practica

March 14/15 JAX Workshops and milonga

March 16 Palm Coast; Workshop and Milonga at Victorias!

March 19-21 Charlotte, NC

Thurs March 19 Move STudio

Fri March 20 Taste of Argentina at MOVE

Sat March 21 CTC workshops and milonga

March 22-27 Triangle area NC

Sun March 22 Durham

Wed March 25 Greensboro

Thurs March 26 Utopia

March 28 Asheville, NC

Sat March 28 Community Milonga

Sun March 29 Spiral Energy Seminar

Tues March 31 Archetype Brewery class


We will be waiting to see how the situation evolves before make any further plans for the SUMMER LEG.

We love you all, appreciate all you do and have done to support us, and look forward to a time time when we can continue our work together.

2020 US Tour

I’m setting my hopes to return to the US in August to join Karen Jaffe on another US Tour…can you help make it possible?


Friends, organizers, and Tangueros – help bring me back to the US for a 2019-2020 tour!

From 2017-2018, I toured all across the US with Karen Jaffe. We covered a total of 25,000 miles, re-uniting with old friends and making new friends, which is the best gift of this profession.

It was an arduous job with very rewarding results in each of the communities we visited. We have learned a lot together, and we are really happy for the opportunity. Thanks to each and every one of you for your support, for having contributed in one way or another to make the 2017-2018 tour possible. From the organizers in each community and city, as well as all those people who so kindly opened the doors of their homes to host us, and of course all our dear students who taught us so much – to all of you, infinite thanks!

Karen and I are looking towards the future. We want to continue our work in a more sustainable way because, despite having been an incredible experience, we also understand that it is too long a time to be away from our loved ones, families and homes. This time, we are asking you, our friends, to help sponsor my expenses to return to the US in 2019.

As you all know I am Argentinian, that is to say that I live in Argentina, and every time we plan a similar tour there are several things that I have to pay for.

The 2 largest expenses are:
1. Flights from Argentina to the USA, which are between $1,300 and $1,700 USD
2. All the paperwork, filing fees and taxes of the “P3” work visa, also including the US lawyer’s fee, which costs approximately $3,500 USD

Our goal is to raise $5,000 USD to help cover these costs, and to achieve our objective of working at a more sustainable pace, where we can find more of a balance of work, home and family.

For this tour, ideally, I’d like to be able to go back and forth and actually travel a total of approximately 6 months. If we can raise the money for the visa and initial flight, that would be a huge support! It is that initial amount that is the heaviest thing for me. Reaching this fundraising goal would ease my stress and help me to be able to afford the remaining flights for the year.

For my prior visits, Karen has generously paid for the visa and flight up front. Then, after months of work, I manage to raise what is necessary to pay off my debt to her. Only then do I begin to make a profit from my work. My hope is that with this fundraiser, Karen and I can spend more time collaborating to bring tango to your community, and less time worrying about making ends meet financially.

In return for your generosity, I am offering special gifts!
*For donations of $100: I’ll send you my “10 Best Tango Tips”, a special document I’ve created just for you, my tanguero friends!
*For donations of $250: You’ll be invited to a live group Q&A session with me! I’ll set these dates as we reach our goal, and I’ll offer multiple times for you to join. (You’ll also receive the $100 donation gift.)
*For donations of $500: I’ll offer you a private 1-hour virtual session with me! You can ask me all your tango questions, and I’ll give you personal advice about how to improve your dance. (You’ll also receive the $250 and $100 donation gifts.)
*For donations of $1000 – I’ll give you a private 1-hour in-person session, or two 1-hour virtual sessions if we can’t meet in person, so you can spend even more time with me. (You’ll also receive all of the other gifts.)

We have heard from most of the communities we visited that you would like to have us visit again. We would also like that!  We are asking for your financial support to help make this happen.  We are grateful for whatever you can donate. Everything helps.

I really think that if we all collaborate, the new tour will be possible. We still have a lot to share, a lot to offer and learn. I hope to see you soon!

Love for all, and live the Tango!!!!